In August 2014 the ZIM cooperating project “HotConSens” has started. A dual high temperature sensor system for acoustic emission and strain measurement is going to be developed by Teletronic,...
The joint research project “Sensormanschette” has begun in September 2014. The project is government-founded by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung. It belongs to the research program...
Teletronic is developing in cooperation with Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf an innovative measurement system for structure determination of inherent multiphase flows in pipelines via...

Teletronic understands itself as an international operating partner for electronic development. Due to the versatile cooperation and research projects Teletronic extends continuously its own know-how in the range of measured value acquisition and processing as well as hardware design. Thus Teletronic is able to handle development requests appropriate to the latest state of technology.

Teletronic offers developments for:

Analog and digital signal processing:

  • Signal acquisition
  • Signal preparation
  • Event-driven processing

FPG and DSP software development

Energy and data transfer:

  • Wireless and tethered data transfer
  • Wireless and tethered energy transfer
  • Energy autarkic and efficient systems

User-defined software for signal analysis

Complete systems

Further services are:


  • Printed board design
  • Scheduling of hardware assembling
  • Scheduling of printed board assembling
  • System installation

Testing and quality assurance

  • CE-certification
  • ISO-certification
  • EMC-Check